IN2 Mass Gainer (1.2kgs / Mango)
IN2 Mass Gainer (1.2kgs / Mango)
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IN2 Mass Gainer (1.2kgs / Mango)

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Formulated to help you achieve excellence, every product in the IN2 nutrition range gives you high-quality ingredients. The goal of the brand is to ensure that you have access to innovative products that help you cope with the changing demands of your body as you push yourself towards your goals. These products are created in state-of-the-art facilities and adhere to high safety and quality standards.

Meet your calorie requirements and reach your muscle-building goals with this specially formulated IN2 Mass Gainer, especially if you are a hard gainer. The carefully selected blend of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids stack up to yield 1297 muscle-building calories per serving. This superior formula is enhanced with proven anabolic drivers for rapid mass gain and strength.  

IN2 Mass Gainer is a special product aimed at helping hard gainers build muscle mass faster. It comes with a protein and carbohydrate matrix that delivers the right amount of calories to help build muscle mass. With clean calorie sources, you do not have to worry about consuming empty calories that lead to unwanted fat deposits. Every serving is loaded with nutrients that not only help you perform better but also enhance your rate of recovery. This product is highly palatable and comes in flavours like mango, cookies and cream, strawberry and rich chocolate. 

  • Every serving (3 scoops) of IN2 Mass Gainer gives you 57g of protein to enhance muscle development 
  • To meet your calorie requirement for mass gain, you get 1297 clean calories with each serving 
  • IN2 Mass Gainer gives you 225g of carbs derived from multiple sources including oats, quinoa flour, and maltodextrin. 
  • This formula is enhanced with medium-chain triglycerides for higher energy levels when you are training 
  • For enhanced recovery, IN2 Mass Gainer contains BCAAs and non-essential amino acids.  

Hard gainers are individuals with a very high rate of metabolism that makes it difficult for them to get the necessary calorie intake to build muscle mass. Usually, they need about 3000 calories each day to reach their fitness goals. To ensure that you get the calories that you need IN2 has introduced the best mass gainer supplement that gives you a healthy and reliable option. You do not have to worry about preparing elaborate meals anymore.

Just include this supplement in your diet to enjoy several IN2 mass gainer benefits as mentioned below: 

  • Creates an anabolic environment: This is the best mass gainer in India as it does more than load your body with calories. You get the nutrients that you need in order to maintain an anabolic environment within the body to support muscle development.. If you are unable to get nutrients like amino acids and proteins in your diet, your muscles tend to break down. This is called catabolic muscle loss which hampers your mass building goals. With IN2 Mass gainer you get 57g of proteins in each serving to prevent this type of muscle loss. 
  • Faster muscle recovery: Unless your muscles are able to recover completely, new muscle fibers are unable to form. This can slow down results quite a bit. Improper recovery also means that you are left feeling sore, which hampers your training ability. With easy to absorb proteins and necessary BCAAs and non-essential amino acids, this mass gainer protein ensures that you recover faster. These nutrients are used up by the muscles as fuel or to replenish any lost amino acid reserves after training 
  • Keeps you energised: This mass gainer powder gives you a reliable source of carbs to ensure that energy levels are high throughout the day. You have a combination of carbohydrate sources such as oats, quinoa flour, and maltodextrin to give you a steady flow of energy. The formula is enhanced with medium chain triglycerides, making this the best mass gainer supplement to improve your training ability and to keep your performance consistent.  

The following ingredients make this the best mass gainer supplement in India: 

  • Protein (57g): A blend of slow and fast-acting proteins including whey protein concentrates, isolates, hydrolysates, and micellar casein not only help in muscle recovery but also create an anabolic environment 
  • Carbohydrates( 225g): A combination of simple and complex carbs gives you a steady energy source. These carbs are derived from oat flour, quinoa flour, and maltodextrin. 
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides: Derived from coconut oil, these MCTs help elevate energy levels and also keep your heart healthier for longer. 

Mix 3 scoops of this supplement with 700ml of water or skimmed milk. Blend well for 40-50 seconds to make a calorie-rich drink. For best mass gainer protein results, consume as follows: 

  • In between meals: Maintain a high-calorie diet with 1-1½ scoops in between your meals. 
  • Post-workout: For faster recovery, consume 1-1 ½ scoops immediately after workout. 
  • At bedtime: Prevent catabolic muscle loss with 1- ½ scoops before you go to bed. 


  • Prevention of Catabolism
  • Packed with high quality calories
  • Quality Protein and Carbohydrate source

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      🛡️ Genuine Products

      All our products are far from expiry, and procured directly from the brand or authorized importers of the brand.

      ⚡ Fast Delivery

      3-5 days rest of India for delivery - FREE Delivery